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Indian Crossword League, IXL in short, is a premier individual crossword solving championship of India.

The league is an individual crossword solving competition played in a round-robin league format. It has a total of 10 weekly Online Rounds of crossword puzzles open to all where the participants have to solve the crossword within a stipulated time. The evaluation of the same is done on two bases: time and accuracy. The participant who takes the least time in submitting the most accurate solved puzzle tops the table and this is how ranking is done. This way every week a leader-board is formed at the end of every weekly round. After the conclusion of all the 10 weekly rounds, the top 20 are invited to participate at an offline National Grand Finale.

IXL has been acknowledged as one-of-its-kind event by the Limca Book of Records

I t was sheer chutzpah, on the part of Extra-C, a not-for-profit organisation based in Patna, to take the road hardly trodden. The immediate provocation was to celebrate Arthur Wynne and the 100th anniversary of the first published crossword, his brainchild, in New York World. Along the way we got companions, and how!

IXL 2013, the inaugural event, was a success beyond our expectations. Top wordsmiths came on this common platform to test their mental mettle. In Col Deepak Gopinath (retd), the country got the first crossword champion. The following year, he decided to sit out and became the Chief Arbiter of the event. The contestants came from beyond the shores as well. Ramki Krishnan, a software professional from Chennai and a wildcard entry to the Grand Finale, walked away with the champion’s trophy.

IXL 2015 took a continental leap. It first made a North American debut in Toronto and followed it with a round in New Jersey, US. In both the places, the format was offline and winners got direct entry to the Grand Finale. IXL 2016 too had a round each in Toronto and New Jersey. Ramki, the winner of IXL 2014, asserted his supremacy by winning the Grand Finale of both IXL 2015 and IXL 2016.

Today, there is a fraternity out there driven by one common passion – to solve cryptic crosswords. It’s because of them that the League is in a league of its own. The journey ahead lies with them.

    A not-for-profit-organisation, Extra-C came into existence on June 26, 2013 and since then has become a byword for quality in terms of providing a platform for quality extra-curricular pursuits. As its focus area, Extra-C’s mission is to promote crosswords among the youth and the adult alike.