Author Vivek Kumar Singh
ISBN 9789351431404
Year 2018
Format Soft Cover
Edition 4th Edition
Price INR 295.00 / US$ 12.95
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Who this book is for?:

Understanding Cryptic Crossword is a 20-20 educational tool for the uninitiated - 20 days for learning, 20 days for practicing. This book is meant to be used as a primer, a workbook and a reference book, all rolled into one. It unlocks the secrets of cracking a cryptic crossword in simple steps, and presents a collection of crosswords to practice and enjoy. It particularly aspires to make the younger generation of India, more analytical, more competitive, and above all, more successful.

For the uninitiated

The main objective of this book is to provide mandatory input for school students, who can understand, learn, practice and solve crosswords, independently, without any external assistance from either teachers, or parents, using this book. The beauty of the book lies in the fact that an uninitiated teacher can also learn the crossword tricks by following the simple step-by-step guide, and ‘master’ it a short span of time. No parent or school, perhaps, would like to miss out on this wonderful opportunity of letting children learn crosswords, which will help them sharpen their analytical abilities and problem-solving skills – so critical for success in today’s world.

For amateur enthusiasts

There are many amateur crossword enthusiasts, who have been attempting cryptic crosswords appearing in the various newspapers/magazines, but have generally failed to solve them fully – due to a lack of overall clarity, and inexperience. Quite a few develop cold feet when confronted with clue types other than anagrams or hidden words. It is guaranteed that their performance will increase as they gain more insights into more types of cryptic clues.

For professional buffs

The professional cryptic crossword buffs can use this book as a ready-reckoner. This book provides a comprehensive picture of the clue-types and solutions which is bound to enhance their perspective on the subject. The hands-on exercises, and the glossary of abbreviations contained in the book, will particularly benefit the best of crossword-brains. The book for them could be used for self-assessment, improvement and future reference.

About the author

About the author With a view to get intelligent Indians initiated into the enchanting realm of crosswords, Vivek Kumar Singh, a 1989 batch Bihar cadre IAS office wrote the book “Understanding Cryptic Crosswords, A Step By Step Guide”.

He conceptualized and piloted the first All India Inter-School Crossword Contest during 2013, the Centenary Year of Crosswords. It was an event involving 32 cities, around 500 schools and over 100,000 students which concluded in New Delhi on 14th December, 2013. His vision is to take crossword to every school and college of India.

Having been with SAIL and IFS before joining the IAS, at present, he is the Principal Secretary, Environment and Forest, Government of Bihar.

A not-for-profit-organisation, Extra-C came into existence on June 26, 2013 and since then has become a byword for quality in terms of providing a platform for quality extra-curricular pursuits. As its focus area, Extra-C’s mission is to promote crosswords among the youth and the adult alike.